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POIAB Timesaving Brilliance

My partner Roma and I started building our first pizza oven around 1982. I used an old cast-iron boiler. It was initially a success until I realised it was dropping rusted fragments on to the Pizza’s! I came to realise this was a common fault of cooking in metal ovens, it has now been turned into an outside open fireplace. It was then I began to build my existing oven closer to the kitchen, for more convenience.

I used a precast mould shipped in from the west coast of Australia, it cooked pizza brilliantly! You’ll often find my pizza oven operating on a Sunday afternoon awaiting friends, neighbours and sometimes relatives to attend our now regular Happy Hours! I keep telling them “bring your own toppings!”

I built a few other pizza ovens with friends using this same method, but the cost of the precast dome, and the weight and freight costs were a major hindrance. Often it took 5 good men to lift the cast dome into place. One time friends hired a crane to lift the oven into position! As well I built an oven cast in pieces, so I could get it to the rear of the house through a small side gate. Both operations I considered difficult.

Finally, it dawned on me there must be a better way. I had met a man at a party some 20 years prior, he told me over a beer that he was designing cardboard furniture for China and Japan. I never gave it much thought, until one day I imagined people sitting on a cardboard chair. Why not a strong cardboard structure that would act as a mould, and then you cast over it with refractory cement or other material, depending on what nature can supply! With the help and skills of a cardboard engineer, Pizza Oven Kit In a Box was born.

Sizes To Suit

Recommended Base Sizes:

700mm  –  width 1050mm x length 1300mm

800mm  –  width 1200mm x length 1400mm

900mm –   width 1340mm x length 1650mm

1000mm – width 1400mm x length 1650mm

1100mm –  width 1500mm x length 1750mm

Refractory Cement Required @ 20kg bags

700mm  5 bags 800mm  5-6 bags 900mm  6-7 bags 1000mm 8 bags 1100mm 9-10 bags

Tools Required:

DSC_1379 (1)

Plastic tub, nose trowel, pointed trowel, ruler, spirit level, chalk, paint brush.

Recommended Refractory Cement Suppliers:


Refractory & Ceramic Supplies
50 Geddes Street
Mulgrave VIC 3170
Phone: 03 9560 4477
Email: sales@refractoryandceramic.com.au

The Fire Brick & Refractory Company
8 West Circuit
Sunshine West VIC 3020
Phone: 03 9314 3211
Email: sales@firebrick.com.au

Bianco Construction & Industrial Supplies
45-47 Secker Road
Mount Barker SA 5251
Phone: 1300 24 26 26
Email: sales@bianco.com.au

One of our first pizza ovens, 1982.
One of the problems with a precast dome is that they are very expensive to install.